A Family's Story


Whole Plant Medicine was started because CBD has a special place in my family's heart, and we would like to share this great product with as many people as possible. In October 2018 my mother, Kathleen Mahoney was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. It was a scary time for our entire family, both the diagnosis and the subsequent treatment. I had just graduated from Sacred Heart University with a Biology degree looking to go to medical school…but helping my family and being a caregiver was suddenly much more important than any admissions process. The chemotherapy treatments were extremely taxing for my mother. Sleeping and eating were extremely hard and it was taking a huge toll. Knowing that the treatment protocol the doctors had given her was the best possible, I got to thinking what else I could do to comfort her…and came across both CBD and medical cannabis.

Our family feels as though both medical cannabis and CBD being used outside her treatment protocol of three different IV chemotherapies and a targeted gene therapy helped her quality of life significantly. We believe the CBD and medical cannabis supported my Mother’s pain relief, sleeping, eating and general relaxation. She no longer takes opioid medications for her chronic pain.

Unfortunately in NJ, medical marijuana patients only have access to dry flower buds, so as her legal caregiver, I got quite good at processing these flowers into high quality extracts, then making those into precisely dosed pills for my mom to take throughout the day (smoking was not possible because of her lungs). Though my mom had fully legal access to any type of cannabis plant she strongly gravitated towards the strains that only contained CBD, which was convenient as those strains are completely legal. Any cannabis sativa strain that has ONLY CBD (MUST be less than 0.3% THC) is classed as industrial hemp, therefore legal in all 50 states and can be purchased online either in flower or oil form.

Now realizing its legality I went to order various CBD products and was not impressed to say the least, all of these highly processed capsules that I was receiving did not have nearly the benefits of the whole plant products I was producing myself. Since I couldn’t find an high quality enough product, I simply kept on doing what I was doing, making it myself on a small scale and gifting this to friends and family who all completely loved the whole plant extracts as well, and couldn’t go back.

As more and more people wanted this product, as they thought it was completely different than any CBD they had tried, I realized that I needed to start a legitimate business so that I could help more people and show my community a true whole plant hemp extract. I found a local New York farm that would produce the oil for me in exactly the same way that I did, simply on a bigger scale. Not only was the extraction method exactly the same but all of the oil comes from hemp that is locally grown. I sourced the best material I could find and used the safest and most effective extraction technique, for the best oil I could possibly make my mother. Now that I've started this CBD company, Whole Plant Medicine CBD, this high quality product is available to you today.

Thank you,

Patrick Mahoney

Founder, Whole Plant Medicine